A lepo Soap Detergent Powder – 800 gr


Conceived for machine washing, this Aleppo soap powder detergent is fully biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

It is inexpensive and is not aggressive for the skin.

This detergent gives excellent results, also at low temperatures, for both white and colored clothes.

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*** Good for 25 washes approx.


Before the industrialization of detergents, washing was carried out with different components that were found in nature.

The Bible speaks of washing with the high chair or natron (soap formulas made from natural soda, which forms a crust around some salty lakes) and potash.

We know that the stems and roots of the saponaria were used.

Urine was used for Roman baths and sometimes it can be read that this product was still used at the beginning of the 20th century, mainly for treating the blue garments of naval officers.

All the elements of the soap have always been used: oil, plant ashes containing soda or potash. Soap is a cleaning substance that emulsifies the greasy substances in stains, that is, it reduces them to small droplets, which are then washed away during rinsing.

The Arab civilization is the one that has made the use of soap evolve, adding kelp ash to its composition. At present, soap has been replaced by synthetic products, that is, more effective but much more polluting because the ingredients come from petrochemicals such as bleaching agents, softeners, colorants or perfumes and that are far from respecting the environment.

For this reason, Najel offers you a detergent with Aleppo soap, especially effective and 100% ecolological. Changing your fabric softener for an economical and ecological product is possible.

Just add white vinegar to your washing machine. It will leave your clothes soft, chemical free and odor free. Plus, white vinegar helps fight washer scale.

Adding an essential oil with vinegar adds a pleasant aroma to clothes. For stubborn stains, pre-scrub your clothes with Aleppo stain remover soap, let it work for ten minutes and then machine wash the clothes.


More than 30% soap, antifoam.

Conditioned in cardboard of 6 units.


Dilute in the washing machine, for the exact dose, consult the container.

It is ideal for washing delicate clothes, especially baby clothes.

The gestures of the eco-citizen:

Sort the laundry according to the degree of dirt, for a better dosage of the detergent.
Do not apply the product in excessive doses: read the recommendations for use carefully.
Find out about the hardness of the water.
Use less product when there is less laundry or if it is slightly dirty.
Avoid pre-washing and do complete washes and at low temperatures: a 40 ° C wash consumes 3 times less than a 90 ° C cycle.
Choose a front-loading washer because it consumes less water and less energy than a top-loading washer.

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