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Al-Bader Perfume Concentrated in Oil – 15ml


Arabic perfume in concentrated oil with the name albader, badr.

Glass rod dispenser.

Perfect for gift.

Content: 15ml

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Albader perfume, albadr, in a magnificent perfume bottle a unique fragrance with a special name Badr Al Bdour, so let me enrage you a unique combination of flowers and fruits and accept an invitation to walk through the royal garden, characterized by sensuality and the harmony d e each of the fragrant essential oils.

Soft flowers and luscious fruit, this is the introduction that sounds in the delicate echoes of orange blossoms, accompanied by the delicious fragrance of ripe raspberries and exotic bittersweet lychees.

The intoxicating appeal will resonate with the floral aria, which will be led by the opulent beauty of sweet gardenias, with a jasmine-white jasmine hues hue.

The flowers are tightly intertwined with honeycombs, the dense sweetness of which is complemented by the grandiose fragrance of velvety ambergris and the depth of spicy earthy patchouli, which finishes the composition with its green sweetness.

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