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Argan Oil + Argan Soap Pack – Hemani


Aragan Oil + JAbon De Aragn Hemani Pack.

Oil 30ml.

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The benefits of organic argan oil for cosmetic and food use. The linoleic acid, oleic acid (omega 9) and the vitamin E it contains make it a perfect antioxidant. Softens the skin, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles or stretch marks. This deeply hydrates and nourishes both skin and hair. A true treasure of nature, argan oil will enhance your beauty.

The natural argan oil soap cleanses and nourishes the skin, face, hair and hands, providing an effective cleansing of all skin types. Argan soap is 100% natural enriched with argan oil. Argan oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E that make it especially beneficial for hydrating and nourishing dry or flaky skin.

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