Argan Oil Bio – Novelty – 100% Pure and Ecological – Face – Hair – Body


Argan oil is and very rich in natural and active ingredients. Contains omega 6 vitamin E, antioxidant. They also play an important role in cell renewal, argan oil reduces wrinkles, nourishes dry skin. Helps the healing of traces left by acne, chickenpox, pimples, irritation, skin attacks, stretch marks, cracks and burns.

Argan oil 100% pure bio and ecological. Sprayer. Regenerating and nourishing.

Available in 2 Formats with spraying.



100 ml.50 ml.
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Argan oil 100% pure bio and ecological. Sprayer, to buy online at a good price. The repairing, regenerating and nourishing properties of argan oil and use for sunbathing in summer.

The benefits of argan oil for skin and hair in summer both before and after sun exposure.

Before sun exposure, apply 100% pure argan oil to body and hair and then the sunscreen.

Argan oil deeply nourishes the skin, preventing dryness and providing elasticity to prevent aging. Its high content of vitamin E prevents free radicals by acting as a powerful antioxidant.

Argan oil contains carotenoids of which 50% are beta-carotenes, precursors of vitamin A, help reduce sun damage, increase resistance to burns and make the tan more uniform and long-lasting.

For the hair:

As for its use on the hair, argan oil envelops the hair fiber, protecting it from the harmful effects of radiation and providing it with shine, resistance and softness to the touch.

After sun exposure, we highlight the immediate soothing effect of argan oil and its repairing power, thanks to its content of essential fatty acids (45% oleic acid and 35% linoleic acid). It is recommended for use after showering all over the body with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. It should be noted that it is quickly absorbed and does not stain clothes.

SIf you want an even, long-lasting tan, with an irresistible golden hue and skin protected from aging, feel free to include argan oil in your summer beauty ritual.



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