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Asfi Carved and Enameled Ceramic Plate – Hand Painted – White – Nahtun Model


Dish Made in the city of Safi (Asfi) in Morocco. Made by hand with the same techniques as their ancestors. Authentic Craft, Potters from generation to generation

Plate carved and painted by hand. Therefore, the design may vary from the photos, also the measurements may vary slightly. The chosen color will always prevail.

35 cm.40 cm.17 cm26 cm22 cm
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Dish for Arabic decoration enameled and carved ceramic made by hand to buy Online at the best price. Hand-carved and painted pottery from Safi, Morocco. A city known for its potters and ceramics unique in the world.

Hand painted with Arabic motifs.

As they are handmade products, the design will vary from the photo, prevailing the color. Also the measurements may vary slightly.

If you want us to send you a photo of the dish that we are going to send you once the online purchase is made or before making it, you can contact us by WhatsApp and we will send you the photos you request.

Very beautiful and decorative.

They include a back hole to be able to be hung.

Available in 5 Sizes:

Size 1: 17 cm diameter.
Size 2: 22cm diameter
Size 3: 26 cm diameter.
Size 4: 35 cm diameter.
Size 5: 40 cm diameter.

Weight 0.4 kg

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