Avocado Artisan Soap – 75 Gr. – 100% Natural


Avocado soap is made by hand from natural avocado oil.

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In Jaima Alkauzar you can Buy Online Artisan Avocado Soap 100% natural at the best price.

It is made in an artisanal way from natural avocado oil.

With this we get a 100% avocado soap, it has antiseptic effects, softens the hardness, leaving the skin hydrated.

Avocado is rich in natural oil, proteins and vitamins A, B, D and E, it also has “penetration” and “maintenance” qualities, which makes it especially effective for nourishing creams.

It is similar in composition to the sebum of the skin, and therefore it is widely used for the care of dry, flaky and aging skin.

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