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Burning Aromatic Oil- SAC – PACHULI Scent- 10ml


Aromatic Oil for oil burners.

Patchouli or patchouli aroma

quantity: 10 ML

One of the best known properties of patchouli is its aphrodisiac and stimulating effect on sexual desire in both men and women.

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One of theproperties of patchouli best known is his aphrodisiac and stimulating effect on sexual desire Both men and women.

Hepatchouli or patchuoli/ strong>It is an original Indonesian and Malaysian plant, with a stiff, hairy trunk, with large leaves and white flowers and purple tones. The patchouli oil has been used traditionally for many years for the preparation of aromas, although currently, it is also used in hygiene and cosmetics.

The essential oil patchouli/ strong>known for being strong and intense and triumphs as a luxury fragrance and in cosmetics .
Improve self-esteem, anti-anxiety, regulates the nervous system and is a good foravoid lack of attention or concentration

Patchouli oil contraindications

Patchouli or patchouli is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Caution : Like other essential oils, it is not advisable to apply undiluted patchouli oil on the skin. You must dilute it with water or other oils before applying.

Patchouli or patchouli aroma

quantity:10 ML

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