Chebakia or Moroccan shubakias – Fresh – 1 Kg.


High quality Moroccan chubbakias, shubbaki, chebbakia, shubakia, shubaquia, shuvakia,

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The chebakia, ShebbakiyyaMoroccan e It’s a traditional sweet during the month of Ramadan just like Harira soup. A delicacy for those who like intense sweets. Dough with almonds that is fried in oil and then impregnated with honey and sesame seeds. An energetic recipe to regain strength!

The sweet of Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, the streets of Morocco are filled with aromas, from the recipes that are prepared for the night, from Harira soup to desserts such as chebakia. Recipes very rich in ingredients such as butter, oil, almonds,or honey. Very energetic foods to satisfy the hunger of the whole day.

During the month of Ramadan the faithful have to fast from the first light of the morning until dawn. Not only should they refrain from food also can not, drink anything. They go hungry all day but when they get here asa enjoying delicacies such as chebakia.

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