Crushed Spicy Cayenne Pepper – Oriental Spices – 90gr.


Crushed Spicy Cayenne – Oriental Spices – 90gr.
May contain terraces, sesame, celery, or mustard.

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For those who have doubts if cayenne pepper is the same as paprika, they both come from the same genus (capsicum) but they are not the same. However, they contain capsaicin that has these benefits (from the photo) and they can use one if they can’t find the other, I use them to give food a little spicy flavor, (sweet potato, potato chips, and even carrots with chilito and sea salt) and sometimes (when I’m congested or for a change) a little in the shot or in the juice. It is spicy, so if you have gastritis problems, the ideal is to go little by little to see how it falls on you.Benefits:

Regulates blood sugar levels

Thermogenic properties

Strengthens the immune system

Reduces gas and inflammation

Eliminate nasal congestion

Analgesic properties

Vascular tonic

Reduces bad cholesterol levels

Promotes cardiovascular health

Promotes digestion

Garnish recipe

Diced steamed sweet potato + Coconut oil (in a pan) + Sweet potato with cayenne pepper + Sea salt

Let integrate for a few minutes.

It can also be used to marinate a meal, add to sweet and sour dressings, and has endless uses.

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