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Fine Black Himalayan Salt – Kala Namak – Natural 1kg


Theblack salt from Indiaor kala namak, is a salt of volcanic origin, has a distinctive sulfurous taste and is rich in iron and sulfur, it is used mainly in the Hindu or Pakistani cuisine .

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Compared to common salt it has less sodium contentwhich makes it recommended for all those who needlow sodium diets, for example people with high blood pressure or heart problems. The problem with this salt is that depending on the origin and the processing it can undergo many variations in its composition, and as it has a low ‘salting’ power it is usually modified so that it increases and thus its sodium level increases, so if the you are going to use it, please, before you have to consult your doctor or nutritionist.

It is rich inhydrogen sulfide which gives it a very particular flavor that could remind us of a fried egg or a boiled egg. For this reason it is widely used in the vegan cuisineto imitate this flavor, and so, for example if we season tofu with this salt, in a salad, we could well call it vegan egg salad, because it imitates it very well.

It is also used in the ayurveda cuisine, that is, the type of cuisine that focuses on the individual and helps us know what foods feel good or bad for us. Thus, each individual will have a specific nutritional guide because according to Ayurvedic medicine, each organism behaves differently.

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