Fufu Flour – Cocoyam – Tropiway- No colorants – Gluten free – 680gr.


Fufu Flour – Cocoyam – Tropiway- No colorants – Gluten free – 680gr.

Ingredients: Mashed cocoyam (Dehydated tubers of the elephant's ear plant), Cassava, saffron (for natural vitamins & minerals)
Preservative: sodium metabisulphite e223, antioxidant: BHT E321.

Ingredients: cocoyam puree (dehydrated tubers of the elephant ear plant), yucca, saffron (for natural vitamins and minerals)
Preservative: sodium metabisulfite e223, antioxidant: BHT E321.

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Cocoyam Fufu is another fufu recipe that you can add to your Nigerian menu if you can buy cocoyams where you live.
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Cocoyam Fufu should be served with a Nigerian soup for fufu meals.
Ingredients for Cocoyam Fufu

You only need three ingredients:

2 medium heads of cocoyam
1 cup of cassava flour
½ cup of water
More water to cook it.

Notes on the ingredients:

Traditionally, the head of cocoyams is used for Cocoyam Fufu, but if you can’t buy it where you live, you can use cocoyam corms.
Cassava flour serves as a binder for cocoyam fufu. Cocoyams are soft and sticky when cooked and mashed on their own, they need a binder so they can be molded.

Instructions for making Cocoyam Fufu

Peel, rinse and cut the cocoyams into medium cubes.
Put in a pot, pour water to cover the cocoyam pieces and start cooking over medium heat.
While cooking, mix the cassava flour with half a cup of water until you have a moldable mixture.
Shape into balls and reserve. Look the following video.
After 10 minutes of cooking the cocoyams, add the yuca flour balls and continue cooking for another 10 minutes or until you can easily stick a knife into the cocoyam pieces.
Remove from the stove and mash the cocoyams and yuca in a mortar until you get a smooth ball of dough. You can also try using a blender to blend it but don’t add any water.

Cocoyam Fufu is best served immediately after preparation because it becomes soft and loses its elasticity over time. Serve with your favorite Nigerian soup. Click here to see all Nigerian soups.

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