Grated Coconut Pot – Ruca – 120gr


It is the product obtained after drying, grinding and sieving the whole white coconut pulp (Cocos nuci-fera L), with all its fat. We currently market the one from Sri Lanka.

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Hegrated coconutIt is commonly used in cookies, cakes, pastries, cereals, etc. It is also an ingredient that gives curry body and texture. Otherusedelicious is to put a handful of coconuttoasted in a Thai salad.

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Net weight

Small Jar 380 ml .: 120 g.




· According to Annex II of EU Regulation No. 1169/2011, it is not an allergenic ingredient. Containsnaturally, like other plants of the genus Allium, traces of the sulfite allergen (SO2).
· In handling and packaging, specific measures are taken to avoid cross contamination.
· According to EU Regulation No. 828/2014, it can be labeled “gluten-free”.

Conservation Conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place

Manufacturer / Importer

Ruca Products

Preferential Consumption Date

Maximum of 5 years from packaging

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Weight 0.2 kg
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