Hair Strengthener – Henna Quinquina – Radhe Shyam – 100 g


Quintin henna hair strengthener from the prestigious house “RADHE SHYAM”

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In Jaima Alkauzar you can Buy Online Hair Strengthener at the best price.

If you have problems with your hair, be it weak, with fragile roots or have split ends, SPIRITUAL SKY proposes its exclusively vegetable poultice composed of five plants whose virtues will restore lost life and vitality to your hair:


Protects hair and gives it strength and vigor.

Quina bark:

It works by fortifying the scalp and toning it.

Birch leaves:

They stimulate hair growth.


It is an antiseptic and a tonic.

The Nettle:

Combats hair loss and restores its natural shine.

We recommend that you continue the treatment for periods of one month with weekly applications, to protect your hair.

Net weight:

100 g

Contains a pair of gloves and a plastic cap

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