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Himalayan Salt Inhaler – healthy


Himalayan Salt Inhaler for Health and Wellness

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In Jaima Alkauzar you can Buy Himalayan Salt Inhaler Online – healthy at the best price.

Benefits of daily use

Breathing through the inhaler for 15-20 min a day we will obtain the benefits of salt granules that are more than 250 million years old. The effects will be beneficial for the respiratory system and will help us to solve problems possibly caused by:

 Pollen & other allergies
 Problem ofght__2_6TO14_22 "> sinusitis , rhinitis
 Flu & other infections
Smoking  bronchitis , chest infections
 Cough chronicle and pain ofHighlight__25_31TO25_32 “> throat
Dehydration ,recyclingof airon boardof the airlines

Measurements: 7.5 cm diameter x 13 cm high.

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