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Himalayan Salt Iron – Recommended – Cook on it


Cook no smokeat your table, finish cooking or set the desired doneness or enjoy the many benefits of salt cooking

An arrogant novelty in the kitchen.

Cook healthier

product composed of 100% Himalayan salt

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It is a multipurpose element: it is a culinary tool, seasoning and aesthetic support, since you can cook with it at the table. Meat, fish, seafood or vegetables absorb the amount of salt that each product requires. Its molecular structure (a crystalline mesh) spreads heat with the precision of a cast iron plate. In addition, these pink salt blocks can be used both hot and cold. Its functions are activated on the fire (except induction cookers) and inside the freezer. They admit between -18º and 350º. So they are the same for a grilled salmon as for a melting cheese or chocolate, making a sushi or presenting an ice cream. What they do not allow is butter or milk liquids.

How to use:

To cook with a griddle of salt, it must be placed on a gas, charcoal or similar type of heat source.

Do not use in vitroceramic, we must use a metal ring (such as those for plating), on which we will place the iron and we will thus avoid that the iron is in direct contact with the heat source. Heating must be done very slowly, starting with the gas at minimum power. A heating period of between 30 to 45 minutes is the most indicated – 10 to 15 minutes with the gas at minimum, 10 to 15 at medium heat and 10 to 15 with the gas at maximum. It is important to know whatThe heat will change the appearance of the iron, we will hear slight creaks and small micro cracks may appear. Sometimes deeper cracks can appear during cooking, especially if the griddle was not completely dry before use.

It is also not advisable to use butter when cooking on the griddle, as the water it usually contains can damage the surface of the griddle.

Handle the iron with care since it acquires very high temperatures.

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