Jasmine Perfume Concentrated in Oil – 15ml


Arabic perfume in concentrated oil of Jazmin, Great intense floral fragrance.

Glass rod dispenser.

Perfect for gift.

Content: 15ml

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Its aroma is reminiscent ofSunbut it has a certain touchanimal, sensualwith acleaningcontent that has seduced perfumers for centuries. Although many fragrances carry it and even advertise it as a main ingredient, deep down it is difficult to find a perfume that really smells of this flower. The natural essence of jasmine is one of the most expensive to obtain: half a kilo can reach 8,000 euros.The flowers have to be picked by hand and processed quickly so that they are not lost and six million flowers are needed to get a kilo of absolute according to Vitoria Frolova de Bois de Jasmin (an expert in perfumery).

Actually, most perfumes do not contain natural jasmine that is grown in Morocco, Egypt, Italy and India especially. Only a few lucky ones have a few drops of the essence and most are synthetic reproductions. This chemical part in some cases does not succeed but in others it manages to combine and amplify the natural smell.Despite the general belief,most fragrances no longer carry flowers in its composition to avoid allergies, hyperpigmentation and because there are not enough cultures for all the jasmine that is sold in jars.

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