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We use costume jewellery and accessories in our everyday life. In most cases, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and rings have a great value for us, as they evoke a special memory.

Within the culture of Islam, Arabic jewellery and costume jewellery are not merely ornamental accessories. This handmade jewellery has a high symbolic meaning, connecting tradition and modernity.

In Arab Home Decor you can buy 100% handmade Arabic jewellery. We have exclusive designs made by ourselves that bring even more symbolism to each piece of Moroccan costume jewellery we create.

What handmade jewellery accessories can you find on our website?
If you want to discover the best selection of Arabic and African jewellery online, take a look below:

Arab and African bracelets: Different designs that adapt to different looks and moments to combine them. You will find silver plated alpaca bracelets, seed bracelets or designs decorated with stones and wood.

Handmade rings and earrings: Handmade designs in wood or silver. No two are alike.

Indian Bindis: Stimulates the third eye and helps you concentrate.

African necklaces: Shells, stones and wood are some of the materials we use to make African necklaces and pendants inspired by the Alhambra.

Make your online purchase of Arabic jewellery securely on our website.
We aim to offer you the best service when buying handicrafts online on our website. For this reason we have secure payment and a chat where you can ask any questions you may have during the purchase process.

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