Kinkeliba Dry Leaf – 150gr


Kinkeliba leaves (combretum micranthum)

Kinkeliba is a medicinal plant native to West Africa,
Since the time of colonization, its medicinal properties have been widely demonstrated in pharmacology and herbal medicine, as it is called long-lasting herbal tea.

Kinkeliba is easily associated with many medicinal plants like mint or lemongrass, and its virtues have been known in West Africa for centuries.

In view of its many virtues, Kinkéliba
– Promotes the secretion of bile essential for the digestion of fats.
– Facilitates the digestive process in general.
– It is highly recommended for those who suffer from biliary insufficiency or chronic constipation.
– It is a drink that cannot be recommended for people on a diet to lose weight and for those who suffer from obesity.
– It is the drink of choice for people with high blood pressure and heart failure.
– Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial: its components play an antioxidant role in the body that helps to fight effectively against inflammatory diseases and is also an excellent antibacterial.
– Kinkeliba is also used to control infectious diarrhea.
– Kinkeliba is particularly useful in case of food poisoning or as part of a digestive purification. For the same reasons, it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
– Kinkeliba is one of the most used medicinal plants to treatr liver diseases.

Use 30 grams of Kinkeliba leaves for one liter of water. Once the water is boiling, let it steep for about 20 minutes. The ideal would be to consume this drink early in the morning if not at any time of the day.

That’s it, you know everything, or at least most of this miracle plant.
So for the taste, to stay in shape and regain your finesse, nothing like a good infusion of Kinkeliba tea.

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