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Laurel natural food essential oil.

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Properties and indications:The medicinal effects of laurel are sciatica, sprained ankles, etc. Bay leaves are rich in a volatile essential oil composed of 45% cineole; they also contain tannin and a bitter beginning. The fruits also contain 25% of fats formed by lauric, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids.

The active principle responsible for the medicinal effects of laurel is its essential oil.

These are the properties of laurel:aperitif, eupeptic (facilitates digestion) and carminative (removes gases from the digestive tract). It is therefore suitable for the inappetent and those who suffer from difficult or heavy digestion.

GRANADIET essential oils are natural aromatic agents. Suitable for flavoring and flavoring all kinds of food products.

Obtained from selected plants through a demanding quality control.

How to use:Dose to taste using a built-in dripper.

Ingredients:natural essential oil.

Content:17 ml

Store in a cool place.

*** For more information about the properties of Laurel:

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