Manual Grinder – Ottoman Model


Salt and spice mill, decorative and functional element.

Made in Turkey with high quality materials, this item is an absolute gem.

Bronze Cooper Silver
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Made of metal with floral engravings, its shape reminds us of the utensils of the golden Ottoman society.

The elegant and at the same time traditional essence that this article possesses will give your meals a unique touch, as there is nothing like freshly ground spices with a piece as sophisticated as this one.

You have three different models to choose from:

COPPERwith that characteristic pink and aged tone it brings a style rustic .

BRONZEreminds us of those authentic kitchens that have accompanied us throughout history, with a b ohemianandvintage.

ALPACAwith an exceptional shine full ofeleganceIt will not go unnoticed at any table.

Original high quality product.

Measured:11 cm high x 5 cm

Weight 0.3 kg

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