Mikado and Domino Wood Set – 20 cm – Transport Box


Mikado and Domino set presented in a beautiful wooden transport box.

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Mikado and Domino set presented in a beautiful wooden transport box.

Really fun and addictive. Ideal for parties, birthdays, meetings.

You are sure to have a great time.

Measures 20 cm.

Chopsticks or chopsticks are the elements used in the ancient game in question. It is a game of dexterity that is based on the ability to control hand movement and hand-eye coordination; therefore, it helps the development of motor skills.

It is played with a set of rods with bands painted in different colors; say a bundle of rods.

The toothpicks are of common colors: red, green, yellow and blue, and of all the toothpicks, only one of them is black, or in some cases white. The black (or white) stick is unique and important in the game. The other colored toothpicks are of varying amounts, and have different score values according to their color, the single toothpick being the most valuable.

Two, three or four players can participate, and in the game the one who accumulates the most points, or whoever reaches a certain number of points, wins.

The game begins with a player taking the bundle of sticks in his hand or hands, and allowing the tips to touch the hard, horizontal, smooth and flat surface where he is going to play. Next, the set of toothpicks is released and allowed to fall randomly. After all movement hasOnce finished, the following is to collect piece by piece like this, all the possible ones, this without allowing any movement of the other or others of the sticks other than the one intended to be collected; one attempt for each player.

Only the movement of the stick to be picked up is allowed; if one or more other chopsticks are moved, intentionally or not, by some other chopstick, or by the player’s hand, or if any inadvertent movement of the chopsticks is detected by the player, his turn will end and the next participant will try to pick up chopsticks.

In a variation of the game, the black (or white) toothpick can be used as an auxiliary tool to rescue other toothpicks.

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