Miswak Natural Toothpaste Total Care Gold Edition – (Persian Savior) – 120 + 50 gr Free – LIMITED


Miswak gold edition toothpaste, for a total and effective care

Limited Edition

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Composition and properties of Miswak:

Chemical analysis of the Miswak extracted from the Arak tree (Persian Salvadora) reveals that it contains a total of 19 substances that are beneficial for dental health. Among them are:

1) Natural antiseptics with bactericidal action that destroy harmful micro-organisms in the mouth, which if not controlled favor the formation of dental plaque, the appearance of tartar and cavities.
2) Tannic Acid, with astringent qualities that strengthen the gums and protect them from diseases such as gingivitis (inflammation) and the eventual formation of abscesses under the roots of the teeth.
3) Aromatic essential oils that increase salivation, which helps to clean the mouth (and thus prevent cavities) and the digestion process.
5) Salvadorina alkaloid.
6) Vitamin C.
7) Mineral salts: chlorides and fluorides.
8) Minerals: Sulfur, Phosphorus, Calcium and, above all, Silicon.
9) Variable amounts of saponins, flavonoids and steroids.

Oral benefits:
1- Clean the mouth and teeth, mechanically and microbiologically.
2- Prevents cavities, and the extension of those that are already established.
3- Strengthens the gums, gives them firmness and solidity.
4- It effectively removes dental plaque and prevents its formation.
5- Whiten the teeth (removes the yellowish color).
6- Eliminate bad breath.
7- Improves the sense of taste.
8- Clarify your voice.

Physiological Benefits:
1- Helps digestion.
2- Improve eyesight.
3- Sharpens memory and intelligence.
4- Cures certain headaches.
5- It improves general health and gives good color to the face of those who use it regularly.

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