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Oatmeal. They contain gluten.


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Theoatmealthey are easily digestible, laminated and ready to eat. They provide energy in the form of carbohydratescomplexes that are the base of the food pyramid and are ideal for a balanced diet.

Oat flakes are high inDietary fiber, mainly soluble and rich in beta-glucans. Consumption of 3 g / day of beta glucanshelps maintain normal cholesterol level. Three tablespoons of flakes (40 g) provide 1.5 g of beta-glucans. Fiber helps a correct intestinal transit, a good digestive function and regulate the absorption of fats and sugars. Maximum humidity: 12%.

Oats are a natural source ofOmega 6,polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for the body. Very low sodium content.

They contain gluten. They may contain traces of soy.

These rolled oats do not need cooking. Incorporate the desired amount in milk, yogurt, soups or broths, juices, etc. and they are ready for consumption. If you want to vary the texture and facilitate chewing, the flakes can be crushed. They can also be used in cakes or salads. To get the maximum benefits from fiber, you should aim for plenty of fluids throughout the day. Keep in a cool and dry place, closing the bag well.

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