Peanut peanuts raw peeled – Great Quality – 1kg


Raw peeled peanuts

Format 1kg

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Raw Peanuts

Its concentration in nutrients exceeds that of any food in the animal kingdom.

They contain all the essential nutrients in a very high proportion.
Proteins : they represent 26% of its weight.

Fats: Contains abundant acid content linoleic and linolenic, essential fatty acids of type unsaturated that the body is unable to produce on its own and that they play a fundamental role in the formation and renewal of skin and brain tissue; They also intervene in the immune defenses and metabolism of the heart.

Carbohydrates. They especially contain starch and maltose.

Vitamins. They contain B complex vitamins (B1, B2 and B6), vitamin E and stands out inniacin(vitamin B3). The lack of the latter is manifested by dry, cracked and reddish skin.

Minerals. They are especially rich in potassiumand low in sodium. They also contain phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. They are an excellent source of trace elementslike zinc, copper and manganese.

Vegetable fiber. They are poor in cellulosic type carbohydrates.

Indicated for skin conditions, heart conditions (helps lower cholesterol levels), protection against high blood pressure and prevent fluid retention in tissues.

Weight 1.1 kg
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