Pocket Hand Warmer – Gas


Survival hand warmer for extreme conditions

It has a small bag to transport it-Essential gadget for outings to the mountain

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1-remove the lid and burner

2-Slowly fill the hand warmer with a light fuel, until the absorbent material is saturated

3-After filling, there may be excess fuel, turn it upside down to shake off any excess. If any fluid has overflowed, clean it and make sure the hand warmer is completely dry before starting to use it.

4-Replace the burner in the hand warmer

5-Light the burner with matches or a lighter for about 5-10 seconds until a faint glow is seen on the burner

6-Place the lid and put the hand warmer in the cloth bag


When the burner is on there is no flame, only a faint glow

-Use only good fuel for lighters

-Keep the burner always dry

-Don’t overfill it

-Do not let the fuel come into contact with the burner, therefore never pour the fuel from the lighter over the burner

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