Roasted Pistachio – Nuts – (1Kg.)


Roasted Pistachio:

Ingredients: pistachio, cornstarch and salt.

May contain traces of peanuts, soybeans, sesame, sulfite, and other nuts, nuts, gluten, sesame, dairy derivatives, and lupins.

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Pistachios have high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and potassium. They both have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory traits.

Enjoying some pistachios can also reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease./ span>Nuts like pistachios are packed with fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fats that can help control blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
Its fiber and protein can make you feel fuller for longer. This fiber can also have a positive effect on your gut by helping “good” bacteria

Nuts provide key protein and nutrients, healthy fats, antioxidants, help lower cholesterol, and help you live longer. Below are some of the key benefits of a few different varieties of nuts.
In the past, Nuts fell into the “bad for you” category. However, in recent years, studies show that nuts are actually healthy.

The bottom line is that all nuts are good for you … the key is moderation. A healthy handful can lead to good health and a longer life. So go crazy!

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