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High Quality Saffron Threads
Origin Iran

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The saffron It is the ideal condiment to add to a multitude of recipes, especially those of rice, it gives them a very smell, taste and aroma characteristic and combines very well with ginger, lemon, garlic, thyme and tomatoes.

Saffron can be purchased in strand or ground, it is also true that there are several qualities of saffron and each of them has a different yield, so different amounts of the spice would have to be added to the same stew to obtain the same result.


Be careful, misusing it can leave us dissatisfied or even ruin the recipe.

The first thing is to get a quality saffron that is 100% saffron.

The most recommended is the saffron in Thread since it can be perfectly distinguished if everything that the bottle or case contains is truly saffron.

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