Salvia Essential Oil – Alimentary – 17 ml – Natural


SALVIA SCLAREA: Herbaceous plant.

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Relaxing, antidepressant, sedative of the nervous system.

Relieves anxiety, stress, skin inflammation, and respiratory congestion.

It is used in minimal quantities as it can be soporific.

Harmonizes sexuality by being relaxing, thus eliminating tensions that do not allow the flow of sexual energy and by euphoric effect.

Ideal for mature skin and for oily hair treatment.

Excellent for regulating menstrual rhythm, painful periods.

Relieves swollen, heavy and congested legs. Relaxes the woman in labor and relieves the pain of contractions during labor.

Improves cuts, burns, eczema, canker sores and herpes.

Helps in migraine and headache. For all skin types.

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