Sodium Bicarmonate – Oriental Spice Selection – Ruca – 170gr


Discover these 10 applicationsof the baking sodasodium in food and you will see why it is an ingredient that cannot be missing in your pantry. 1-Makes homemade yeast for baking. … 2-Clean your fruits and vegetables. …3-Reduces the acid taste of tomatoes. … 4-Fluffier tortillas. … 5-It makes the meat more tender. Weight 0.175 kg

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It is the best known way to use sodium bicarbonatein food. He baking sodaIt helps the dough rise, a fact that occurs when it is mixed with acidic substances such as vinegar, lemon or yogurt. The combination of both substances releases carbon dioxide and this reaction causes the yeast effect.

Net weight

Small Jar 380 ml .: 175 g.


Sodium acid carbonate. Sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Conservation Conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place

Manufacturer / Importer

Ruca Products

Faithchart of Preferred Consumption

Maximum of 5 years from packaging

Country of Origin


Weight 0.2 kg
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