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Souvenirs and gifts typical of Arab culture
Who doesn’t like to have a souvenir of the most beautiful moments of your life? Souvenirs evoke that moment and journey in which we disconnect from the day to day and open ourselves to new cultures and experiences.

At Arab Home Decor we want to make this memory even more special. Thanks to our wide selection of handmade souvenirs that evoke Arab culture, you will be able to place a little piece of your trip in the most special place in your home.

We also have products that will give you gift ideas when you don’t know what to give to that special person.

The customer is our top priority so we offer secure payment and a quick and easy checkout process that will allow you to buy souvenirs and gift ideas. Whether you are an individual or want to buy souvenirs for retailers, we offer personalised advice.

Our main souvenirs
Do you want your shop souvenirs to be unique? Take a look at our selection of Arabic handicraft products especially suitable for gifts:

Arabic tile magnets: With this beautiful combination of colours and geometric shapes you can enjoy the perfect detail. We have multiple designs and sizes available.

Bookmarks with magnetic flap that will fill your book with style and colour. Ideal for book lovers.

Pomegranate souvenirs: We have a selection of pomegranate products that will make the difference between all the gift ideas.

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