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They are the healthy, clean and dried fruits of the Illicium verum; Badian is the fruit of a tree typical of Southwest Asia, it forms a star with a woody consistency and brown color and has an intense aroma of anise (anethole). Widely used in Chinese and Thai cuisine and in the production of aniseed liqueurs. The country of origin par excellence is China.

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Star anise, like green anise, is used for flavoring. It is also used to flavor dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine of duck (Peking lacquered duck), beef, or chicken.

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Small Jar 380 ml .: 50 g.


Star anise or badian.
Spice (when the food contains it in an amount less than 2% by weight).


· According to Annex II of EU Regulation No. 1169/2011, it is not an allergenic ingredient. Contains natural, like other plants of the genus Allium, traces of the sulfite allergen (SO2).
· In handling and packaging, specific measures are taken to avoid cross contamination.
· According to EU Regulation No. 828/2014, it can be labeled “gluten-free”.

Conservation Conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place

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Ruca Products

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Maximum of 5 years from packaging

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