Tahini Chtoura Gardens Cream – 100% Sesame – 400 gr – Oriental Food


400 gr net pot. First quality.

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400 gr net pot. First quality.

The tahina or tahini (in Arabic, طحينية; in Hebrew, טחינה; in Turkish, tahin) is a paste made from ground sesame seeds (also called sesame seeds) that is used as an ingredient in various Middle Eastern dishes.

It is an essential ingredient in hummus (chickpea puree) and babaganuch (eggplant puree). It can also be eaten spread on bread and dressed, and is often diluted in lemon juice and water, with the optional addition of garlic, to form a sauce that accompanies various dishes, such as meat skewers (the so-called Moorish skewers), meat roast (shawarma), chickpea or broad bean croquettes (faláfel), salads, etc.

In Turkey, tahini mixed with pekmez (something like syrup or arrope) is commonly eaten as a winter breakfast.

It is the main ingredient in Mediterranean and Balkan halva.

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