Wood Solitaire – 2 Models – Wood or Glass Balls


Available in two models:

Brown DarkLight Brown
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Available in two models:
1- Light Brown – Chips and wooden board. 25 cm diameter.
2 – Dark brown. Glass chips and wooden board. 22 cm in diameter. The wood is heavier than the other model.

The game of Solitaire dates from the 18th century, its origin is unknown, although some authors are attributed to a French count who, confined to the Bastille, entertained his forced solitude with him.

When starting to play the central square is empty, each move consists of jumping with any piece over another adjacent one, which is removed from the board, as in the game of Checkers, jumps can be made in any direction except diagonally.

The objective is to eliminate all the tiles except one, which must end up occupying the central point.

The minimum number of moves, until now known, to solve it is eighteen, taking into account that the jumps made in a chain with the same chip count as a single move. You can see the solution of 27 movements here.

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