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Arab textiles are a very characteristic aspect of Arab culture. The clothing must follow the rules of the holy book of the Koran and in this way makes it so characteristic.

Arab clothing must fulfil a number of essential aspects in order to be within the doctrine. The main characteristics are: it must not be tight, it must not be transparent, nor must it imitate any fashion. At the same time it should avoid bright colours.

In Arab Home Decor we have a large selection of Arab textiles and accessories from which you can choose your favourites.

The favourite categories of Arabic textiles and footwear.
We specialise in handmade products and the best selection of Arabian textiles and footwear. On our website you will be able to enjoy great offers and outstanding products. We want to offer you maximum transparency, so you can buy securely and with guaranteed shipping among the wide variety of our products:

Arab clothing: Among our products you can buy Arab jackets and jumpers, djellabas, bloomers, Moroccan shirts and much more.

Bags and backpacks: Leather goods are one of our strong points. Check out our leather backpacks and handmade purses and wallets.

Arabian footwear: Leather slippers and leather sandals in different designs and colours for comfortable walking.

Textile and leather accessories: Baskets, hats, briefcases or cushions are some of the products you can buy on our website.

We have a chat and whatsapp service so that you can contact us at any time and we can answer any questions you may have about Arab textiles and accessories.

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