Arab spices and Feeding

Arab food, a pleasure for the palate
Arab food is one of the richest and most varied foods to be found, spanning the entire Middle East. In each area, there are different variations and characteristics that make it unique. Among the main ones are Moroccan food, Turkish food and Lebanese food.
Characteristics of Arab food
Although each region adapts Arab cuisine to its own traditions, there are a number of characteristics common to all of them.
Vegetables are essential in Arab food. Among the most commonly used are peppers, onions, tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers.
Grains and cereals, especially couscous, are one of the main dishes in Arab cuisine.
Oriental spices, especially curry, are a must. Saffron, turmeric and cinnamon are typical spices.
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Halal food in Arabic gastronomy
Halal food is one of the most important issues to consider in Arabic food. When we think of halal food we think of meat. However, halal food is not just that. They are all those foods that are lawful according to the Qur’an.
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