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Buy incense online to purify your home,
Smell is a very important feature of Arab culture. It is believed that up to 5 times more perfumes and aromas are consumed than in the West. Among the most used scents in this culture we find the aroma of rose, the aroma of jasmine, sandalwood or musk.

How do we find incense?
Incense is associated with sacredness, concentration, motivation, creativity and positivism and has been used since time immemorial in religious and therapeutic environments.

Incense and other aromas can be consumed in a variety of formats. Interestingly, this is influenced by the culture that uses them. The most common ways to buy incense online are:

Direct burning: This type of incense is characterised by having to be lit and extinguished instantly, leaving the incense to burn slowly and brightly. We can find incense in sticks or incense in cones mainly.

Indirect burning: Indirect burning incense needs an external heat source to be consumed. Charcoal is mainly used for incense burners. Mobile incense burners are usually used to burn the incense and allow it to oxygenate with the movement, thus spreading the heat more effectively.

At Arab Home Decor you can buy incense of different aromas safely.

100% natural incense
When burning incense at home, we recommend that you use natural incense sticks that do not contain any additional chemical products. This way you will avoid breathing in harmful products and create a much more ecological environment in your home.

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