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They are the leaves and flowering tops, healthy, clean and dried of the Rosmarinus officinalis, Linnaeus; collected during the flowering period. Woody shrub, highly branched and with a small, ribbed and perennial leaf; It is part of the Mediterranean scrub on poor, dry and sunny soils; has two annual blooms. Used since ancient times for its gastronomic, medicinal and ornamental properties. It is a typical flavor in many mountain roasts and Provencal recipes.

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The rosemaryIt has a strong aroma that permeates our dishes with personality and flavor. We can find it ground, in sheets or dry. It is used above all in cooked savory dishes, baked goods, breads … and even adding it to some desserts.

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Large Jar 1,500 ml .: 400 g.


Spice (when the food contains it in an amount less than 2% by weight).


· According to Annex II of EU Regulation No. 1169/2011, it is not an allergenic ingredient. · In handling and packaging, specific measures are taken to avoid cross contamination. · In accordance with EC Regulation No. 41/2009, it can be labeled as “gluten-free”.

Conservation Conditions

Stay on un cool and dry place

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Ruca Products

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Maximum of 5 years from packaging

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