Juniper Essential Oil – Food – 17 ml – Natural


Juniper natural food essential oil.

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Juniper natural food essential oil.

Internal use properties:Tonic for visceral functions, the nervous system of the digestive system and general stimulant of secretions, lung, digestive, urinary and blood antiseptic, stomach, purifying, diuretic, antirheumatic: it favors the excretion of uric acid and toxins, antidiabetic.

External use properties:antiseptic.

GRANADIET essential oils are natural aromatic agents. Suitable for flavoring and flavoring all kinds of food products.

Obtained from selected plants through a demanding quality control.

How to use:Dose the gu
sto through built-in dripper.

Ingredients:natural essential oil.

Content:17 ml

Store in a cool place.

*** For more information about the properties of Juniper:

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