Marjoram Essential Oil – Alimentary – 17 ml – Natural


Natural food essential oil of Marjoram.

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Revered since ancient times as a symbol of happiness and well-being, marjoram is a pungent herb, from the mint family, with a sweet and warm perfume. This oil serves to calm the mind and relieve tension in the muscles.

Therapeutic properties: Dioscorides, the Greek herbalist, recommended marjoram to calm the nerves. Japanese researchers have confirmed its sedative, fungicidal and antibacterial action.

To alleviate nervous states and induce sleep, add a few drops of marjoram oil to your bath.

If you inhale it, you will relieve colds and applied in massage treats muscle contractures.

Avoid using it in pregnancy.

GRANADIET essential oils are natural aromatic agents. Suitable for flavoring and flavoring all kinds of food products.

Obtained from selected plants through a demanding quality control.

How to use:Dose to taste using a built-in dripper.

Ingredients:natural essential oil.

Content:17 ml

Store in a cool place.

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