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Melissa natural food essential oil.

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In Jaima Alkauzar you can Buy Online Melisa natural food essential oil the best price.

Since ancient times, it was considered the universal remedy for autonomy for its ability to promote sleep, stimulate body well-being and prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Given the very low yield of essential oil obtained for each ton of plant, in perfumery and liquor stores it is usually adulterated with the essence of Herb Luisa, since it is much more abundant and has a very similar aroma, it allows to drastically lower the costs of the products. .

Granadiet uses only natural and pure essential oil.

It is a natural sleeping pill and has no contraindications or side effects. Its use does not form a habit and promotes a serene and restful sleep.

DIGESTION:It facilitates the digestive process, is cholagogue, regulates the work of the liver, preventing colic and the formation of gases and intestinal inflammation.

PREGNANCY:Avoid dizziness and nausea typical of pregnant women.

Its antispasmodic qualities quickly relieve menstrual pain, also exerting a calming action on menopausal discomfort.

PSYCHIC DISTURBANCE:Hilegard von Bingen Mother SuperiorFrom a convent, she dedicated a large part of her life to cultivating and deeply studying the virtues of the Melisa plant, and it was she who baptized it “consolation of the heart” for its comforting properties, which calm the spirit, calm the anguish and avoid the anxiety and depression. It can be used in aromatherapy, hydrotherapy (baths, footbaths, maniluviums, compresses, steam baths), massages.

GRANADIET essential oils are natural aromatic agents. Suitable for flavoring and flavoring all kinds of food products.

Obtained from selected plants through a demanding quality control.

How to use:Dose the gu
sto through built-in dripper.

Ingredients:natural essential oil.

Content:17 ml

Store in a cool place.

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