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Aromatic Essential Oil – Oil Burners -SAC- RUDE Smell – 10ml


The essence oil with aroma ofrue, or arruda, aromatic, for oil burners.

It is made with wild rue plants, and they have a strong, very pleasant aroma that is valid for different occasions.
Original from India, this essential oil is the best option to decorate any corner of the home or office.

10 ml container.

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The essence oil with aroma ofrue, or arruda, aromatic, for oil burners.

Dilute 1.5 ml of oil for every 15 ml of water on the burner. Dilute for optimal burn.


Ideal for lighting at any time of the day, for moments of relaxation, or to create pleasant environments.

Keep out of the reach of children.

These high quality aromatic oils are manufactured by Sandesh Agarbathi Co. of Bangalore, India. SAC Frankincense Fragrance Oil uses natural extracts to give you the purest fragrance throughout your home.

This can be used as an alternative to incense sticks, which are used in oil burners to release their real-life scent.

SAC Frankincense Camphor Fragrance Oilcreates a wonderful warm and welcoming atmosphere, scenting your surroundings perfectly for relaxation and general well-being.

A few drops of SAC Frankincense Fragrance Oil can be added to an area to refresh and release the beautiful fragrance, suitcase, shoe rack, closet …

     10 ml bottle of SAC Oil fragrance
     Try using this product with an oil burner
     Keep out of the reach of children
     NOT to be applied to the skin
     Do not use internally or while pregnant

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