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BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL (Oleum basilici)

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BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL (Oleum basilici)
Essence obtained by distilling Ocinum basilicum flowering plants by steam distillation. L. (Labiada).

Internal use properties:
Tonic (especially nervous and of the adrenal glands), antispasmodic (reduces brain-spinal activity after having stimulated it), intestinal antiseptic.

Indications for internal use:

Nervous asthenia (intellectual exhaustion), anguish, nervous insomnia, gastric spasms, difficult digestion, intestinal infections, migraines, epilepsy, paralysis and gout.

Instructions for use internal use:
Internal use 3 times a day 2-5 drops of essence diluted in a teaspoon of honey, dissolved in a glass (1.5-2 dl) of hot water or in a cup of infusion.

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