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Tales of the Alhambra – Teas from Al-Andalus – from 100gr


Tales of the Alhambra: green tea with hibiscus, mallow, jasmine, roses, and a touch of mysteries.

100 gr.1000 gr.
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Tales of the Alhambra:green tea with hibiscus, mallow, jasmine, roses, and a touch of mystery.

Green tea It is an excellent protector against some diseases, at the same time that it increases our vitality.
Studies have shown that the consumption of tea can help the body against LDL (bad cholesterol) and prevent problems. Tea is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps the heart to function properly.

Hibiscus:Also called San Joaquín, cayenne or francesilla flowers.
These flowers contain a large amount of vitamin C, so you can prepare them in infusion, they are an excellent food to strengthen defenses, prevent and improve flu and cough.

Mallow:fights intestinal inflammations, stomach and throat pain, constipation, arthritis and gout.

Jasmine It has been used in China since ancient times, it has calming properties that favors recovery in emotional states, which alter health, being one of the most characteristic alterations insomnia motivated by emotional situations of different kinds.
It’s an aphrodisiac/ strong>by stimulating the female sexual organs (libido), as well as antispasmodic of the uterus, avoiding menstrual pain.

Rose tea and the variants of its essence are used to calm digestive problems, flu and colds.

Delight your guests with this exquisite Andalusian mix. They will be impressed.

From Granada.

In bulk from 100 gr.

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